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Bees destiny

Installation | sculpture, 48''x48''x24''

The basic idea of this project was to produce a three-dimensional work from a bee plant (Solidago) and recycled materials. The title refers to the decline in bee populations due to the use of neocorticoid herbicides and global warming. 

bees 31 (wings A).JPG

Materials: melliferous wildflowers (solidago), dyed popcorn, acrylics, recycled wire mesh, shellfish shells, wire, recycled colored electrical wires, mini headphones, peat, bicycle inner tubes, modeling clay , resin, rush (sedge), found plywood and common ironwork.

tête 1
abeilles (ailes A)
fixation abeille 1
Gros plan
patte de crabe montée
abeille #1 \ vue droite
profil gauche
tête 2
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